oats & xo.

about us

oats & xo. was born as a passion project by the founders of Xocolatti in search to create innovative foods for a healthier lifestyle. Delivering the same level of quality and uniqueness, the Xocolatti creators have expanded their kitchen into offering granolas that transcend the conventions of this breakfast staple into addicting and pure granolas for the health conscious individual.


Our cofounder and in-house "Granolist" , Mona Shah creates combinations of real ingredients inspired by her life's culinary adventures. Ironically despite Mona's allergy to all tree nuts, her understanding of flavor profiles of ingredients has enabled her to concoct innovative granola combinations without ever tasting them. Of course there is no shortage of tasters in her food loving family to ensure that each bite is as tasty as she imagined. 

the "granolist"


Created in our family kitchen, our granolas are truly homemade. Lets be honest, homemade recipes always taste better; and ours will be the tastiest granola you will ever have!


visit us

We welcome you to our oats & xo. pop up location at 172 Prince St, New York, NY 10012, as our  Xocolatti flagship transforms its walls and brings you a granola concept.